lunes, 5 de mayo de 2014

My bags: Furla

Buenos días.
Ahora que ha llegado el buen tiempo empieza a apetecer ir de blanco y para ello me compre este Furla hace unos meses en rebajas. Está pendiente de estrenar pero al fin un día de estos saldrá de su invernadero. Lo compre en la Roca Village, ¿Habéis estado? A veces se pueden encontrar buenas rebajas. 

¿Os gusta? El modelo se llama Divide IT y ya es un clásico de la marca. Cada temporada lo sacan con diferentes colores y estampados, aquí podéis ver algunos:

Furla Today. A contemporary rhythm. 100% Italian design with style that has made its mark on the international stage.
A company that has been creating-strictly in Italy-and distributing high-quality bags, shoes and accessories of essential elegance throughout the world since 1927.
A rich tradition with an entrepreneurial spirit that looks to the future.
This competitive firm in constant movement has a long history and is a major protagonist of the current economic scene.
Furla was created by the Furlanetto family over 80 years ago and is one of the few Italian firms today that still maintains family ownership combined with a strongly managerial company structure: tradition that is constantly renewed.
Its headquarters is in Bologna, in a historic 18th century villa. From here, with constant commitment, the company promotes and develops its international markets. From London to Tokyo, New York to Singapore, the Furla brand is an expression of authentic Italian style, which means natural elegance, refinement and creativity.

It is a world in which simplicity and beauty are intertwined in an original union that is unmistakeably Furla.

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