jueves, 8 de mayo de 2014

El Falabella de Stella McCartney

Buenos días.

Hoy vamos con un modelo que se ha vuelto icónico en poco tiempo. El Falabella de Stella McCartney. ¿Lo conocéis?

Aquí tenéis a todas las famosas y bloggers que disponen del suyo:

Y como sabéis que me gusta investigar, aquí tenéis info de la marca y la diseñadora:
In 2001, Stella McCartney created her brand which rapidly knows a huge success with the celebrities who become relays of her creations. Her style is both glamorous and casual. Its collections embrace femininity, mix gently, modernity and simplicity. A real breath of fresh air for urban and cool girls!
Known for advocating a world of fashion more responsible and in line with the requirements of the moment, she refuses to use leather, fur, or other raw animal and uses organic cotton.
Stella life: Born in 1971, Stella McCartney grew up in the English countryside and then in London. Very quickly attracted by the stylism, she sews at a young age and made her beginning in prestigious houses.
Freshly graduated from Central St Martins in 1995, she made her first steps as a creative director at Chloe in Paris, where her creativity and sense of femininity make her famous.
She created her first collection Stella McCartney in 2001, and made a place in the world of fashion thanks to its clear-cut on the ecology and wildlife views. It covers the activities of her mother's death, especially in organizations that advocate against the use of fur.

The stylist was repeatedly rewarded throughout her career: The Glamour Award for best designer of the year in 2004, or The Elle Style Award for best designer of the year in 2013. Tributes of the profession, celebrities and clients quickly made Stella McCartney the cool  brand that every girl wants to wear

En Barcelona ya disponemos de tienda Stella, quien se quiera pasar puede ir a Passeig de Gràcia, 102.

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